Sacramento Japanese UMC Assessment for Sacramento Japanese United Methodist Church

Welcome to the Growing Young Assessment for Sacramento Japanese UMC.

Before you begin, please thoroughly read the instructions on the next page so that you are able to answer the questions accurately. 

Thank you for participating in this assessment. 

We anticipate this will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, and we request you complete it at one time.

Growing Young Assessment Instructions

Start Here

You are about to complete an assessment of your congregation. Your responses will be kept completely confidential and will be combined with the responses of others from your church for a final report.

Please rate your church as honestly as possible based on your experience of your church as it is now (not your church’s past or what you think your church could be). Since no church is perfect, it’s normal to give a wide range of answers.


For the purposes of this assessment, please keep the following definitions in mind:

  • Young people: Any people ages 15-29.
  • Adults: Any people age 30 or older.

We recognize that our language may not reflect all traditions. So in the following questions, where we use the term “church,” please mentally insert congregation, parish, gathered fellowship, community of faith, etc., as appropriate to your context.

Rating Scale

After each statement, please rate on a scale of 1-5 how true this statement is of your church overall.

Even if particular ministries or areas of your church would receive different ratings, please consider your church as a whole. One way to do this would be to mentally average their scores. (For example, if one area of your church would receive a 5, but another area would receive a 3, please mark 4 as your response.)

  • 1 = not at all true
  • 2 = slightly true
  • 3 = moderately true
  • 4 = very true
  • 5 = completely true

Please keep in mind “Young people” refers to any people ages 15-29.

How true are the following statements of your church?
Our church...

…is open to making changes to strengthen our ministry with young people.

…actively responds to global crises.

…has a thoughtful approach in our ministry to people in their 20’s.

…supports families well.

…includes young people in all appropriate areas of ministry.

…has many people who want changes to happen now.

…teaches people to trust Jesus even when it might cost them something.

…has a thoughtful approach in our ministry to teenagers.

…is made up of adults who go out of their way to better understand young people’s perspectives.

…trains people to engage regularly in spiritual practices (e.g., prayer, reading the Bible).

…actively cares for people in our neighborhood, including those who aren’t part of our church.

…has preaching that is relevant to people’s daily lives.

How true are the following statements of your church?
Our church...

…actively seeks out young people to take on responsibilities.

…allocates a significant proportion of our budget to young people.

…has young people whose involvement makes our church better.

…makes young people a primary focus.

…has a reputation as a caring neighbor in our community.

…makes visitors feel welcome.

…has people who stay because of the strong sense of community.

…makes serving those in need a high priority.

…encourages people to share their faith with others.

…values young people’s presence in our main worship gatherings.

…must make significant changes to strengthen our ministry with young people.

…would be missed by the local community if we left.

How true are the following statements of your church?
Our church...

…equips young people with the skills they need to lead ministries.

…has experienced leaders who are training younger leaders.

…has enough volunteers or staff members who minister to young people.

…spends a generous amount of our financial resources caring for those outside of our congregation.

…trusts young people with leadership responsibilities.

…empowers young leaders to take on challenges.

…invests sufficient resources in programming for young people.

…has key leaders who want changes to happen now.

…makes efforts to put itself “in the shoes” of young people.

…helps people understand their place in God’s story.

…has key leaders who are willing to make changes when necessary.

…is sensitive to the needs of different age groups in our church.

How true are the following statements of your church?
Our church...

…recognizes the problems young people face in their day-to-day lives.

…asks young people to participate in making important decisions.

…partners with the local community in significant ways.

…has many people who are willing to contribute to making changes.

…challenges people to grow in their faith.

…makes faith relevant to people’s daily lives.

…feels like a family.

…encourages people to live out their faith in their daily actions.

…is a place where people feel safe sharing their story.

…helps people see how their daily actions are part of God’s story.

…is hospitable.

…actively addresses injustices in our society.

How true are the following statements of your church?
Our church...

…preaches about the everyday implications of the gospel.

…shares stories of people or events from the global community.

…makes people feel accepted.

…helps people apply Scripture to their everyday lives.

…invites young people to serve in key ministry roles.

…helps people of all ages feel like they belong.

…is a community I trust.

…supports creative ideas and initiatives suggested by young people.

…has healthy conversations about generational differences.

…integrates newcomers well.

…consists of adults who are investing in young people.

…provides ongoing care to people living in other countries.

Demographic Questions

Before finishing the assessment, please tell us a few things about yourself. While your results will remain confidential, this information will allow for additional analyses to help your church.

1. Please specify your gender.

3. Please specify your ethnicity (check all that apply).

4. Which of the following best describes the area you live in?

5. Which of the following best describes your role in your church?

Your results have been recorded.

Assessment Complete

Thank you for taking the assessment for Sacramento Japanese UMC. Your results have been recorded and will help us gain a deeper understanding of our church’s culture.